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CNC Routing & Plasma Cutting

Pella Engraving and & Sign Company’s computer-controlled CNC routing and plasma cutting machines can execute intricate cutouts and engraving jobs. For example, with the CNC router and plasma cutter, our team can produce individual letters for signs, custom-shaped plaques, and more.

To operate the machines, our team programs them using CAD drawings—either provided by the client or drawn by our team—of the shapes that need to be cut. Because the cutting is computer-controlled, it is both accurate and fast. This state-of-the-art technology makes jobs that were once cost-prohibitive affordable.

Advantages of CNC Routing & Plasma Cutting


With CNC routing and plasma cutting, we can:

  • Manufacture individual letter cut-outs
  • Accurately cut irregular shapes
  • Precisely cut curves and sharp corners
  • Produce large projects in one piece
  • Work with metals (plasma cutter) and corian, wood, and acrylic (CNC router)
  • Cut substrates up to 46″ x 80″ (plasma cutter) and 48″ x 60″ (CNC router)

Click here to download our artwork specifications.

Watch the videos below to see our CNC router in action.

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