Crosshatch: A series of lines is used to re-create your photograph. Placing the lines closer together or farther apart and changing the line direction create shadows and depth.

Foil Stamping or Hot Stamp Dies: Magnesium plates that are used for printing with foil.

Laser Engraving: Artwork for laser cutting is transferred to or designed in a computer program. The material which will be cut is loaded into the laser cutter, and a computer guides the laser as it cuts your design perfectly every time.

Letterpress Plates: Magnesium plates that are used for printing, imprinting, and crash printing.

Metalphoto®: A Metalphoto image begins its life much the same as a regular photograph. The artwork is transferred to the metal by way of a negative or positive that is developed, fixed, and washed. It then goes into a sealing tank where the design is actually embedded into the metal. The process creates a scratch-proof image that is highly durable.

Sandblasting or Sand Carving: The product is carved using silicone sand. This technique creates a recessed image.

Stipple: Small dots are used to re-create your photograph. The shadows and highlights of the images are captured, resulting in amazing likenesses. Stippling works well with a number of our processes.

Typesetting: Our graphic artists specialize in the process of fitting your text and ideas to the chosen layout.

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