A laser engraved plaqueLaser engraving is a diverse process that lends itself to both our plaque- and tool-marking capabilities. Laser engraving or marking is commonly done on a variety of materials:

  • Wood
  • Acrylic and plastic
  • Stainless steel
  • Coated brass
  • Leather
  • Rubber

COLORS – Gold, silver, and a wide range of colors can be added to most laser-engraved products.

SIZES – We can laser engrave and laser mark on materials in sizes up to 12″ x 24″.

Laser engraving for plaques and awards

Laser engraving’s various applications can help create distinguished and modern plaques and awards.

ACCENTS ON PLAQUES  Laser engraving through a painted coating to reveal plaque material, often brass, is an effective and economical method of creating lettering, borders, and designs. The plate is often mounted on a wooden backer board to finish the look. We can also laser into high-gloss piano board for an extremely polished final appearance. 

ACRYLIC – This material can be put to use in several ways to create modern-looking plaques and signage. With our engravers, we can cut out acrylic shapes or protective covers for plaques. Laser engraving letters and designs into the acrylic itself creates a frosted look. The acrylic piece can then be incorporated into a plaque design.

Laser engraving and marking for industrial tools and signage

The possibilities for using laser engraving or laser marking in industrial applications and commercial manufacturing is virtually endless—from tools and dies to durable signage and ID tags.

Wondering if laser engraving or marking is a solution for your job? Call us at 877-549-5447. We are always open to extending our areas of expertise to meet the needs of new customers.

STAINLESS STEEL SERIAL & ID TAGS – Laser marking is a great option for ID and serial tags, nameplates, and signage. Laser-marked stainless steel tags are especially durable for equipment identification needs. Stainless steel does not bend or scratch. The black marks left by our laser-marking process are attractive and—once sealed—fade resistant.

LOGOS & INFORMATION – We can laser engrave or laser mark company logos or other information and designs onto parts provided by our customers.

TOOLS & SHAPES – We can laser profile acrylic and aluminum to exacting standards. From tools like a radius gauge with measurement checks to intricate quilting patterns, our laser engravers can be configured to meet exacting specifications.

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