Plaque printing in UV flatbed printer with laptop in foreground

Using a flatbed UV printer is the fastest, brightest, most cost-effective way to add color to a plaque, award, or sign.

From irregular shapes and sizes to custom artwork, the opportunities for adding personalized touches to your plaque, sign, or award are nearly endless at Pella Engraving Company.

One of the most important (and fun) steps of any project is incorporating customized colors and images. The fastest, brightest, and most cost-effective way to add a pop of color or an image to your project is with PEC’s Direct Color Systems® UV printer.

Inside view of UV flatbed printer

Specialized ultra-violet lights instantly dry ink to create a clear image.

Flatbed UV printing is a type of digital printing that uses specialized ultra-violet lights to instantly dry ink. When engineers first began experimenting with UV light applications, their goal was to find a way to quickly dry gel nail polishes during manicures. As avid mani-pedi fans can attest, these experiments were a roaring success in that market. However, the experiments also indicated that ultraviolet light had a lot of potential in an entirely different market: printing.

The key to flatbed UV printing’s success is its ability to cure printed ink almost immediately. Because the wet drops of ink don’t have an opportunity to spread before drying, the images produced by a flatbed printer are vivid, sharp, and resilient to abrasions and solvents. PEC’s flatbed printer is also able to print on unconventional materials like wood, ceramic tiles, plastics, glass, and a variety of metals.

PEC team member placing UV-printed photo on plaque

PEC’s UV printer can print colors and photos onto almost any material. The photo on this plaque was printed on a sheet of aluminum and then attached to the magnesium base.

So if you’re looking for an innovative way to add colors, logos, photographs, government seals, and more to your plaque, sign, or award, Pella Engraving Company’s UV printer might be just what you need! Check out our flatbed printing page to learn more and see some of the amazing projects we’ve completed using our UV printer.

Want to see PEC’s printer in action? Check out this video!




UV-Printed Plaques