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PEC brings modern style to Central College recognition wall


Pella Engraving manufactured 58 plaques for the updated Central College Hall of Honor—55 recreations of the original plaques and 3 all-new plaques.

Four years ago, Central College embarked on the Forever Dutch initiative—an ongoing multi-million dollar renovation project that is transforming the A.N. Kuyper Athletics Complex into a modern and welcoming home for student-athletes, coaches, and Central fans. The latest upgrade to the complex is the expansion and renovation of the southern and western wings of P.H. Kuyper Gymnasium.

The expansion was completed last spring, but it was officially unveiled to fans, donors, and alumni at the Athletics Hall of Honor induction ceremony on September 23 during Central’s 2017 homecoming celebrations. Open for exploring on the gym’s second floor were areas like the newly updated wrestling room. Downstairs, in the Pacha Family Lobby, guests were greeted by something special courtesy of Pella Engraving Company—a brand-new Hall of Honor recognition wall.

The Hall of Honor was instituted in 2002. It recognizes standout student-athletes, coaches, and administrators who have become exceptional leaders outside the Central College athletics family. “Inductees to the Hall of Honor represent the best of what Central is all about,” said Athletics Director Eric Van Kley.

Fifteen years ago, the original Hall of Honor included 55 magnesium plaques with wood backings; Pella Engraving had been manufacturing a new plaque each time an inductee was chosen. As the work on Kuyper Gymnasium progressed, the Forever Dutch team decided to replace the original plaques with new ones that fit the sleek, modern feel of the renovated building. “We went back to Pella Engraving because we knew they could provide plaques with the style and excellence that characterize the new building,” said Eric.


The new plaques feature a photo of the honoree, their graduation date, and biographical information printed on silver aluminum plates.

In total, Pella Engraving manufactured 58 plaques for the updated Hall of Honor—55 recreations of the original plaques and 3 all-new plaques. Plaques will be added each year as new individuals are inducted into the Hall of Honor. The PEC team took the lead in creating the new plaque style. Each plaque includes a photo of the honoree, their graduation date, and a short description of their accomplishments, all surrounded by a field of Central red. The photo, text, and color background were printed on silver aluminum plates with Pella Engraving’s UV flatbed printer. The aluminum plates were then adhered to a black acrylic backer. Finally, clear acrylic shields that provide both style and protection from nicks and scratches were secured to the front of each plaque with aluminum standoff caps.

The display is headlined with plasma-cut aluminum lettering. Two sets of letters—one silver and one black—were created using PEC’s state-of-the-art plasma cutter. The black letters were installed first, followed by the silver letters, which were placed at a slight offset to create a drop-shadow effect.

The new recognition wall received a very positive reception at the Athletics Hall of Honor ceremony. “I’ve heard a lot of people say that the new Hall of Honor looks very classy,” said Eric. “It adds excitement to the lobby, and the quality of the display is something we are really proud of. The Pella Engraving team is tremendous.”

New printer amps up UV flatbed color printing

PEC’s newest piece of equipment offers even more color vibrancy and all the same UV-printing benefits.

A new UV flatbed printer is up and running at Pella Engraving Company.

“The easy-to-use software and reliability are big wins for the PEC team,” said Jarid Purvis, a PEC co-owner. “We’ve found the color quality and vibrancy to also be an upgrade from our previous UV printer.”

PEC often turns to flatbed UV printing as an economical solution for adding color to plaques. Designs are printed directly on materials, like a sheet of aluminum. Then specialized ultra-violet lights instantly dry ink. These aluminum sheets can be cut into almost any shape and mounted to a plaque backing.

Any color is an option with this printer—even white ink on dark backgrounds. Primers and gloss overlays ensure excellent adhesion and durability. The printer also offers an expanded printer area of 24″ x 18″.

“Plaques that use flatbed UV printing to add color offer a contemporary feel and excellent detail reproduction,” said Jarid.

For more information on using flatbed UV color printing for your next plaque, call Pella Engraving at 877-549-5447 or email

PEC plaques showcase achievement for Million Dollar Round Table members

For those in the finance industry, membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)—a global, independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals—is an exceptional career achievement. And what better way to showcase that success than with a plaque from Pella Engraving Company?

“The Million Dollar Round Table offers plaques for members to display in their office to show they are among the best in their profession, cultivating respect from both peers and clients,” explained MDRT Client Service Manager Shawn Boothe.

This wood-mounted Metalphoto® plaque cut into the shape of a shield honors a new member of the Million Dollar Round Table for financial and insurance professionals.

Pella Engraving makes many of the plaque styles the Million Dollar Round Table offers. When deciding on a plaque supplier, MDRT sought the same high standards it requires of its members, and the PEC team has been meeting those expectations for almost two decades.

“In addition to always being timely and courteous, the team at Pella goes above and beyond our customer service expectations,” said Shawn. “They are efficient, easily accessible, cooperative, and always looking to enhance creativity.”

In total, Pella Engraving manufactures a variety of different plaques for MDRT: the shield-shaped Metalphoto® plaque for newly qualified members and the magnesium Court of the Table, Honor Roll, Quarter Century, and Top of the Table plaques.

The highlight of this partnership is the MDRT Annual Meeting; the PEC team attends every year to continue building connections and take orders for plaques. The 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando brought record sales—an achievement for both Pella Engraving and MDRT.

“Earning a seat at the Million Dollar Round Table is a major achievement. The Pella Engraving team is proud to be part of the tradition,” said PEC Owner Bruce Van Wyk.

Bring your magnesium or zinc plaque to life with a little color

When your plaque calls for color, Pella Engraving offers several options to consider that fit a wide variety of projects. No matter your budget or desired aesthetic, our team can help you plan a colorful plaque that stands out from the crowd. 

But which color option is the best fit for your plaque? To help you decide, PEC has put together this quick guide to our color options for zinc and magnesium plaques.

Add color accents with paint

Hand-painted color is ideal for customers who envision a classic, traditional-looking plaque. Customers who go this route can choose from PEC’s lineup of standard colors, which varies depending on the color of the plaque material (i.e., silver, copper, or gold). Hundreds of PMS PANTONE® colors are also available at an additional charge for customers who like the look of a painted plaque but want a more specific color.

Hand-painted color is ideal for traditional-looking plaques.

Hand-painting keeps the full integrity of the plaque material intact. Once a color is chosen, the PEC team paints the recessed areas of the plaque with that color. More than one color can be used, though a raised area must separate each color.

Along with the recessed areas, Pella Engraving can further enhance the timeless look of the plaque by tipping the raised areas with color. Standard tipping colors, which include iridescent colors, are available. Gold, copper, and silver protective coatings for raised areas of the plaque are also an option.

Reproduce vibrant colors and images with UV flatbed printing

While adding color with paint may be ideal for traditional plaques, PEC’s UV flatbed color option is perfect for customers interested in a vibrant, contemporary plaque.

With UV flatbed printing, customers can add both color and detailed images to their plaques using Pella Engraving’s specialized printer. The UV printer is the fastest and most cost-effective plaque color option, with the added bonus of no extra charges for custom colors or limitations color choices. It is also an outstanding option for logos, photographs, government seals, and more because it can reproduce images with areas of multiple colors.

The secret is the UV printer itself, which prints directly on materials like a sheet of aluminum and uses specialized ultra-violet lights to instantly dry ink. These aluminum sheets can then be cut into almost any shape and adhered to a plaque backing.


Flatbed UV color printing is a good option for plaques with logos, photographs, and government seals.

Choosing the right option for incorporating color on your plaque can make it truly shine. To learn more about PEC’s plaque color options, visit the plaque personalization and UV flatbed printing pages on our website, or contact a member of our team today.

Pella Engraving enjoys record year at MDRT annual meeting

For the seventeenth year, Pella Engraving Company attended the annual meeting for the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT), a global network for leading insurance and financial services professionals. Held in Orlando, Florida, from June 4-7, the meeting is more than an opportunity to sell plaques for the PEC team.

“We have a great business relationship with this group, but it’s more than that. We have formed close friendships through MDRT,” said PEC Co-Owner Bruce Van Wyk.

It was minority owner Cory Vande Kieft’s first time attending the trade show with Bruce and his wife, Trudy. Cory immediately witnessed proof of this: “Bruce and Trudy were getting hugs from everyone. They all ask about each other’s kids and grandkids.”

Cory, who celebrated his birthday during the meeting, was quickly welcomed into the group when a few attendees and MDRT members dropped by the PEC booth to serenade him with a rendition of “Happy Birthday” in Mandarin.

With this type of trusted and enduring partnership, it’s no surprise that the PEC team enjoys success at the MDRT annual meeting each year, but this year was a record. “Our plaque sales increased by about 35 percent over last year—and that was our previous record year!” reported Bruce. “On our busiest day, we sold three-quarters of a plaque for every minute we were at our table.”

MDRT is a growing organization—now with more than 49,500 members worldwide—and the annual meeting in the United States is a popular travel destination for the international membership. PEC supplies MDRT with plaques that commemorate various levels of membership and achievement. It has been the organization’s preferred plaque manufacturer since 2001.  

Orders taken at the annual meeting are currently being processed by MDRT. Once finalized, PEC will begin production. Within eight weeks, plaques will be arriving in offices around the world, from Hong Kong to Dubai to Mexico.

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