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PEC team sticks the landing with new sign for Winterset Gymnastics


Winterset Gymnastics outdoor sign mock-up

Winterset Gymnastics sign lettering installed

Top, the Photoshopped mock-up provided to Pella Engraving by Winterset Gymnastics. Bottom, an unaltered photo of the finished sign.

The athletes and coaches at Winterset Gymnastics are flying high thanks to the new company sign created by Pella Engraving Company.

The gym, which offers tumbling and trampoline classes to kids ages 2 to 18, was in need of a sign after they relocated in August 2016. “The building we moved into is much larger than our old space and just turned 100 years old,” explained Matt Floden, who co-owns Winterset Gymnastics with his wife, Holli. “We did a lot of renovation. While we were able to get the majority of the work finished before Christmas and start classes in the new studio in January 2017, we waited on the sign until a mason could come and repair some of the bricks and mortar on the exterior. That masonry work was completed this year, so we were ready to move forward.”

Matt and Holli knew the façade of their building featured a border and two diamond accents in white brick. However, historical photos of the building revealed there was a third diamond accent covered by old signage. Excited by the discovery, they removed the old sign and started brainstorming ways to design their sign around the three diamonds. Matt, an architect by trade, used Photoshop to digitally build a mock-up of the sign they envisioned.

Plasma Cut brown letters for outdoor sign in PEC shop

The brown color was selected from the Matthews Paint System.

Matt and Holli knew right where to turn to make their vision a reality. Holli is the sister-in-law of Pella Engraving Company Co-Owner Cory Vande Kieft.

“We got the mock-up, then chose a color from our Matthews Paint System that closely matched the color of the sign in Matt’s example,” said Cory. “This paint is specifically formulated for signage and performs really well in outdoors settings.”

Next, Co-Owner Jarid Purvis used the PEC plasma cutter to cut the 20-inch-high letters out of 1/8-inch-thick aluminum. He set the type to match the font from the mock-up. Once the letters were cut, he sanded them to remove imperfections and drilled holes for the stainless-steel screws that would secure the letters to the building.

Plasma cut brown letters for outdoor sign in PEC shop

The 20-inch-high letters were cut by the PEC plasma cutter to match the example.

“We painted the letters and the screws with the brown color we chose to match Matt’s example,” said Cory. “After that, we put on a clear coat to give the letters an added layer of protection from the weather. This coat also contains a UV inhibitor to help prevent fading.”

On a clear February morning—less than a week after Matt sent the Photoshopped mock-up to Pella Engraving—he installed the finished sign on the building with help from Toby Tyler, the dad of a Winterset Gymnastics athlete who was also very involved in the remodel of the new studio.

“If you’re looking for a sign I would definitely recommend working with Pella Engraving Company,” said Matt. “They were fast and easy to work with. The end product perfectly matches the vision we had.”

Gymnasts holding letters for new outdoor sign

Athletes from Winterset Gymnastics pose with the letters for the new sign.


Meet the PEC customer service team


The PEC customer service team, from left to right: Patty MacRunnel, Alyssa Zickel, Samantha Wallace, and Janeen Eastwood.

“We make it right.” At Pella Engraving, those words aren’t just a slogan; they’re a core value of the work we do every day.

A key part of “making it right” is interacting with customers, getting to know them so we can tailor each project to meet their exact need—whether it’s a custom plaque or award, nameplates or ID tags, a donor wall, or something completely outside the box! . Leading the charge toward customer satisfaction at PEC are the four members of our customer service team. Without their hard work, the rest of what we do wouldn’t be possible.

That’s why we’d like to take a moment to shine the spotlight on them—and give you a chance to get to know each one a little better.

Janeen Eastwood, customer service representative

Janeen-EastwoodJaneen has been a member of the PEC customer service team for over 15 years. Her main duties involve interacting with customers and helping them choose the best product and specs for their project needs.

Outside work, Janeen enjoys crafting and hanging out with her family—especially her grandkids. In May, she will move to Johnston, Iowa, with her husband. Janeen is sad to leave her PEC family behind, but she has been training new rep Samantha Wallace to replace her and knows she is leaving her position in good hands.

Patty MacRunnel, customer service representative

Patty-MacRunnelPatty has been part of the customer service team for over 14 years. On a typical day, she can be found answering the phone, handling supply purchases and inventory, assisting with outgoing mail, running credit card payments for completed orders, and much more.

Her favorite thing about working at Pella Engraving Company is her co-workers. Outside the office, she enjoys reading, going to the movies, walking, and spending time with her grandson.

Samantha Wallace, customer service representative

Sam-WallaceSam is the newest member of the customer service team. She has spent the past couple of weeks learning from Janeen how to prepare customer service quotes and job orders. She also lends a hand in shipping by prepping finished orders for transport.

So far, Sam’s favorite thing about working for Pella Engraving is the friendly atmosphere. Away from work, she enjoys sewing and spending time with her husband and four-year-old daughter, Anna.

Alyssa Zickel, bookkeeper

Alyssa joined the customer service team in March 2017. She is a 2014 graduate of Knoxville High School and completed her two-year General Science degree in July 2017.

In addition to keeping the books for PEC, Alyssa crunches numbers for Sharp Farms, which is owned and operated by her family. She enjoys hunting, the outdoors, and caring for the beef cattle on the farm, as well as spending time with her fiancé, Jake, and her Australian shepherd, Lady.


Janeen, Patty, Sam, and Alyssa—thank you so much for the work you do!

Enjoying New Digs


Over a year ago, the Pella Engraving leadership team decided it was time for a change in the front office area. “It had been a gift shop for over 20 years,” explained Co-Owner Jeff Vroom. “But the other parts of our business—plaque, award, sign, and tag making—were really growing. We needed a place to better serve and meet with these customers.”

So the team got to work. The carpet and office furniture were replaced, and one of the walls was redone. The project took about four months, but the result was bright, professional, and friendly space the customer service team is proud to work in.


Metalphoto® workspace meets expanded customer needs

Almost 20 years ago, Pella Engraving Company saw the potential in Metalphoto and invested in the equipment to put this highly innovative technology to work for its customers. 

Nameplates in Metalphoto developer tank

Nameplates are dipped into the developer tank in PEC’s new Metalphoto work space.

A unique process with many applications, Metalphoto requires an array of machines: developer tanks, sealing tanks, nippers, shears, and hole punchers. In recent years, demand for Metalphoto products like ID tags has increased. In response, the PEC team improved its Metalphoto setup.

“We have the experience and capability to handle very large orders,” said Co-Owner Cory Vande Kieft. “With the updated workflow and the new tools we’ve integrated, our team is processing these orders even more efficiently.”

The PEC Metalphoto workshop features an open area where the nippers and hole punchers, once down the hall in the plaque-fabricating area, are installed on mobile tables. Both a new radius-corner nipper and a new shearer for cutting the metal have joined the existing equipment. Mobile tables were fabricated in-house for some of this equipment, adding to the flexibility of the space.

“We worked with Medalist Manufacturing in Pella to custom build our hole punchers to run on pneumatic power,” added Cory. More shelving was also incorporated.

The combination of new equipment and a more streamlined workspace significantly increased the capacity Pella Engraving Company can offer its Metalphoto customer base. PEC is now more capable than ever of using its Metalphoto process to create high-quality, durable, and economic plaques, awards, serial tags, and more.

If you’ve got questions about a job and wonder if Metalphoto is a good option for you, contact us today!



New customer service rep joins PEC team

samantha-wallacePella Engraving Company is excited to welcome new Customer Service Representative Samantha Wallace to the team.

Sam has spent the past few weeks training with Senior Customer Service Rep Janeen Eastwood, learning the ropes of preparing customer quotes and job orders. She also lends a hand in shipping, prepping finished orders for transport.

Providing high-quality customer service is a passion for Sam. Before joining the PEC team, she spent five years working in customer service for Bass Pro Shop. She also spent time in the call center at Pella Corporation.

“I like that there are always new challenges in customer service,” said Sam. “We have the opportunity to work directly with customers, figuring out what we can do to match their needs.”

So far, her favorite thing about working at PEC is the friendly atmosphere. “Everyone has been so nice and inviting,” she said. “It really is like a family, and I’m looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in my role.”

Away from work, Sam enjoys sewing and spending time with her husband and four-year-old daughter, Anna.

Lead PEC etcher to retire after 48 years


Darrell poses in front of one of PEC’s etching machines. He has been leading etching projects at Pella Engraving since 1969.

At the end of the year, Pella Engraving Company will bid a fond farewell to lead etcher Darrell Goodyk, who is retiring after working with the PEC team for nearly half a century.

“It’s been a great 48 years,” said Darrell. “I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else.”

Darrell joined Pella Engraving in 1969 after a surprise job offer from then-owner John Vroom. John had been looking to hire someone with the skills to manage etching projects. At the time, Darrell was working in the woodshop of another manufacturing company; his name was given to John with the assurance he had a strong work ethic and was willing to learn new skills.

So John drove up to Darrell’s house one day, knocked on the front door, and asked if he would be interested in coming to work for Pella Engraving Company. Darrell—who had never met John, never heard of Pella Engraving, and knew nothing about etching—agreed to stop by PEC to learn more about the position.

“I came to the office and spent the day looking things over,” remembered Darrell. “I thought to myself, ‘This doesn’t look too bad!’ So I decided to take the job and learn how to etch.”

And the rest, as they say, is history.

A lot has changed since 1969. When Darrell first came onboard, PEC was still at its original downtown location. The etchers mostly produced halftones and ads for small newspapers in the area. Today, the PEC facility is in the Pella business park. The advancement of digital printing means the etchers now specialize in projects like wrestling belts, plaques, and hot stamping dyes. New technology has been introduced into the workshop, including state-of-the-art zinc and magnesium etchers shipped in from Siegburg, Germany.

But one important thing has remained the same.

“The atmosphere has always been great,” said Darrell. “Everyone gets along really well. And the owners do a lot to keep up on all the latest equipment.”

The feeling is mutual. PEC’s ownership team feels lucky to have had someone as talented and hardworking as Darrell onboard for so many years. “Darrell has consistently provided quality engravings to our clients. In our minds, he is one of the leading etchers in the country,” said Owner Bruce Van Wyk. “We doubt anyone has etched as long as Darrell, or has the knowledge he has gained over his many years at Pella Engraving Company.”

Over the past several months, Darrell has spent time passing on that knowledge by personally training Charles Sirovy, who will take on his position. Darrell is confident he’s leaving the etchers in good hands. “Charles has been very easy to train,” he said. “He has a lot of mechanical knowledge and fits right in with the company.”

Once his retirement becomes official, Darrell is looking forward to spending time traveling, including visiting his son in Georgia.

“We are grateful for Darrell’s dedication to Pella Engraving and our clients, but most of all we are grateful for his friendship,” said Bruce. “He will be truly missed—though he did say he plans on stopping in from time to time to join our breaks. Enjoy your retirement, Darrell! You deserve it.”

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