Banners at Pella High School and Lincoln Elementary School

The new banners at Pella High School (left) and Lincoln Elementary School (right).

This fall, students, teachers, and staff at Pella Community Schools were greeted with a fun surprise: custom banners from PEC, proudly sporting the Pella Dutch colors and logo.

“We’d all been apart for five months, so it was very important to me and my colleagues to give everyone a big welcome back,” explained Pella Middle School Principal Josh Manning. “We’d seen banners on light poles at other schools and colleges, and we thought it was a great idea. New banners would be exciting for our students, teachers, and staff, and as an added bonus they would also boost our curb appeal and branding. Soon all five buildings in our district were on board, and we brought our idea to Pella Engraving & Sign Company.”

PEC Graphic Designer Kristi Olsen worked with Josh on the banner design, which prominently features the Pella Community Schools logo and signature green-and-white color scheme. The 4′ x 2.5′ banners were printed on durable material using latex ink, so they will withstand the outdoor elements. The hems were also reinforced, so the banners won’t tear in high winds or bad weather.

PEC made 73 banners total, which were mounted on light poles on the grounds of Lincoln Elementary, Madison Elementary, Jefferson Intermediate, Pella Middle School, and Pella High School. Because they needed to extend out from the posts, each banner was equipped with a top and bottom pole pocket. PVC poles were inserted through these pockets, then secured to the light posts with a bracket. For added security, the PEC team looped straps through reinforced grommets sewn into the banners. It took PEC just three days to install all the banners.

“It was an honor to work on such a visible project that uplifts our community,” said PEC Co-Owner Jarid Purvis.

“We’ve had lots of positive comments,” added Josh. “Many have said the banners exude our Pella spirit, and that they feel proud to be part of our district. We look forward to working with PEC again in the future!”