Pella Engraving has purchased a brand new printer, the DirectJet 1024 UV printer from Direct Color Systems®, with the ability to print crisp text and sharp, detailed images in vibrant color. It can print on a wide range of materials, including wood, ceramic tiles, plastics, and glass. For PEC, however, its best feature is its ability to print directly onto metals, including custom plaques and awards.

“The new printer will be an alternative to our usual color-fill process of coloring plaques, and will save time and money for our customers while retaining the class of a high-quality plaque,” said Jeff Vroom, PEC co-owner. “If you’re looking for a way to print graduated color on your plaque—such as on a corporate logo or government seal—the new printer will be ideal.”

Images printed with the 1024 UV are highly durable. The UV-cured inks are resilient to abrasion and solvents, and won’t crack or flake off with time. The maximum print size is 10” x 24” and 6” tall.