When you receive the plaque you’ve ordered from PEC and your customer asks you to do the installation, do you wonder what you need to complete the job and how to do so? 

Closeup of tools included in PEC installation kitYou aren’t alone. We’ve had many questions about this issue, which is why we’re pleased to announce the availability of installation kits. These kits contain everything needed to install plaques into concrete or brick walls, as well as sheet rock walls.

The kits include:

  • Pro Flex adhesive
  • Caulking gun with cutter and tool to puncture the tube of adhesive
  • Epoxy (for concrete or brick walls)
  • Masonry drill bit (for concrete or brick walls)
  • Paper towels

It is our hope that these kits will make the installation process as easy as possible. They will sell for $35.00 and are available upon request.