Portrait of Jarid Purvis

Jarid Purvis

If you’d asked Jarid Purvis three years ago if he thought he’d be part-owner of Pella Engraving Company someday, he likely would have said no. In 2014, Jarid had been working as lead artist with PEC for nine years, as well as supporting letterpress and hot stamping dies production and finishing when artwork was caught up.

Then he decided to return to school. He wrapped up his an associate’s degree in liberal arts from DMACC—he had completed an A.S. in graphic design right after high school. After that, Jarid, a fitness enthusiast, felt the pull to enroll at Central College in Pella and pursue an exercise science degree.

“Turned out, it was not a good fit for my family,” said Jarid. “I actually gave my two weeks’ to Bruce on a Friday, talked about school and scheduling with my wife over the weekend, decided PEC was the better fit for our family, and went back to Bruce and Jeff on Monday to ask for my job back.”

Clearly, Jeff and Bruce agree that PEC is the place for Jarid to build his career. For his part, Jarid enjoys how varied his job is. “I can sit down and do artwork, but I’ve also really enjoyed getting to know the machining over the years—the CNC router and the plasma cutter.”

In addition to continuing to guide the artwork team, Jarid will lead technical support for the office and continue to back up the production areas he is strongest in. Customer service is a responsibility he and Cory will share.

Away from PEC, Jarid enjoys spending time with his wife, Rachel, and two daughters, Carley (5) and Shelby (2). Swing sets and Barbie dolls occupy their world. He’s recently started woodworking, and he tries not the take up so much garage space that Rachel’s car spends the night in the driveway.

Jarid is invigorated by the opportunity to lead PEC. “I am excited about the future of our company.”