J2 Metalphoto ID TagsMany industries have machinery, tools, inventory, and other assets that need to be tagged for easy identification. PEC’s metal ID tags are a perfect solution—they provide long-lasting identification at a low cost, and can even be produced with unique VINs or barcodes for use with scanners, giving companies the ability to replace handwritten shipping manifests with computer-generated ones.

These tags are able to withstand even the harshest environments, as Brittany Landry of Advanced Graphic Engraving LLC testified: “We’ve ordered approximately 4,700 Metalphoto® ID tags to be used in a marine environment. The tags are very durable, and their quality has met our every expectation.”

Another benefit is increased efficiency and accuracy for businesses. When long-standing customer Vermeer Manufacturing needed a better equipment ID tag to improve productivity, Vermeer Distribution Development Manager Chad Vander Wilt called Jeff Vroom, PEC co-owner. “We no longer have to keystroke in equipment IDs because PEC is able to print the tags with barcodes and a unique 17-digit VIN,” said Chad. “These ID tags reduce our in-house labor by nearly 80 percent and lower our ID tag inventory. They also provide greater accuracy than the previous tags. We tried scratching it off with a key, and we couldn’t do it. We are pleased with the durability.”