PEC made 20 Metalphoto serial ID tags for Kramer Metal Fab, a local manufacturing company.

When Rusty Kramer of Kramer Metal Fab needed labels for his product lineup, he knew exactly where to turn.

“We wanted top-notch, durable, long-lasting labels,” said Rusty. “We knew Pella Engraving could deliver.”

This spring, Pella Engraving manufactured 20 Metalphoto® serial ID tags for Kramer’s lineup of small Bead Form tools. Metalphoto is a specialized type of photosensitive anodized aluminum. Each tag in the Kramer project included the tool’s model, a sequential serial number, and the Kramer logo and contact information.

Bead Form tools are designed to form pressure hose beads in metal tubing to the standards specified by the Society of Automotive Engineering. They are especially useful in the automotive, motorsports, and aerospace industries, where they are used on fuel lines, radiator and cooling lines, intercooler and turbo piping, and anywhere else a rubber hose needs to be clamped onto a metal tube.

It can be rough work, so the durability of Pella’s Metalphoto ID tags was a big selling point for Kramer Metal Fab. On a Metalphoto tag, the text and images are actually sealed inside the aluminum, ensuring protection against corrosion, temperature changes, abrasion, and much more. “Because these tags are so durable, customers will still be able to read them 10 years down the road,” said Rusty. “They’ll be able to contact us for technical questions, replacement parts, or additional product. We’ll know exactly what they need because the model and serial number are right on the tag.”

Each tag included the tool’s model, a sequential serial number, and the Kramer logo and contact information.


The final, and most important, selling point for Kramer Metal Fab on this project was the company’s long-standing relationship with Pella Engraving Company. Rusty and PEC Co-Owner Jeff Vroom have known each other for years. In that time, the two companies have completed numerous projects for each other and built a strong foundation of trust.

“Having someone reliable who does quality work is key,” said Rusty. “Pella Engraving is consistently excellent. They always make it just right.”