UV flatbed printer with laptop

PEC’s newest piece of equipment offers even more color vibrancy and all the same UV-printing benefits.

A new UV flatbed printer is up and running at Pella Engraving Company.

“The easy-to-use software and reliability are big wins for the PEC team,” said Jarid Purvis, a PEC co-owner. “We’ve found the color quality and vibrancy to also be an upgrade from our previous UV printer.”

PEC often turns to flatbed UV printing as an economical solution for adding color to plaques. Designs are printed directly on materials, like a sheet of aluminum. Then specialized ultra-violet lights instantly dry ink. These aluminum sheets can be cut into almost any shape and mounted to a plaque backing.

Any color is an option with this printer—even white ink on dark backgrounds. Primers and gloss overlays ensure excellent adhesion and durability. The printer also offers an expanded printer area of 24″ x 18″.

“Plaques that use flatbed UV printing to add color offer a contemporary feel and excellent detail reproduction,” said Jarid.

For more information on using flatbed UV color printing for your next plaque, call Pella Engraving at 877-549-5447 or email orders@pellaengraving.com.