Plaque with shield logo filled with blue and red

The recessed areas of the logo on this plaque were filled to match the colors desired by the customer.

Pella Engraving plaques can be found in the most unlikely places—including a monastery in Italy. The connection to the Monastery of San Benedetto was made when Kyle Eastwood, son of PEC employee Janeen Eastwood, studied at the monastery for a year.

As a thank you for their care of her son, Janeen had a plaque with the monastery’s name and crest created and shipped to the monastery. When the monks started a brewery for fundraising, Janeen had another plaque created that replicated the label on the Birra Nursia beer bottles (see below). This past winter, Father Benedict, the subprior of the monastery, visited the U.S., and Janeen met him and presented him with the plaque.


The Birra Nursia plaque, made of long-lasting zinc, now hangs in the monastery’s brewery (above right). Only 700 bottles are made with each batch of Birra Nursia beer, allowing the elite team of brewing monks to focus on the smallest details of color, flavor, and depth.