Safer, greener, quicker—the Hannan Skin Packaging Machine® has many advantages over PEC’s previous packaging process. “We’ve been using the machine since October and the customers who have seen the results have been very impressed,” says PEC Co-Owner Bruce Van Wyk.

The new machine uses a packaging solution called skin packaging that creates a final product attractive enough for display. Also known as shrink packaging, it is a vacuum and heat process. A finished product, such as a plaque, is wrapped against a cardboard background with plastic so tightly that you can hardly tell the plastic is there. The result is a professional product that a distributor can be proud to present to customers and one that is protected until it’s installed in its final location.

“It is a very cost-effective and simple process,” says Bruce. “There is also less packaging going to the landfill, which is a great plus.” With the new process, customers can also expect their product to be better protected during transportation and arrive more quickly.