Black garden stake without plaque

The Garden Stake

If you’re creating a plaque destined for exterior display, consider ordering a stake from Pella Engraving Company to meet your presentation needs. 

We offer two types of stakes. Our garden stake option can display smaller plaques closer to the ground. Our taller, two-piece heavy-duty stake comes in three different height options. With any of these stakes, your plaque can be in a landscape or portrait orientation.The garden stake is a 22-inch tall, black-painted aluminum stake with a small backer plate onto which your plaque is mounted. Normally, a zinc 1/8” thick plaque will be mounted to the backer with studs, or a Metalphoto 1/16” thick aluminum plate will be mounted to the backer with exterior tape. The plaque comes pre-attached to the stake, ready to be placed in the ground. Maximum plaque size recommendation for the garden stake is 8×10 inches.The two-piece heavy-duty stake is used for larger sized plaques, or if a taller stake height is desired. This stake comes in two parts for assembly after shipping:

  • A 4, 6, or 8-foot solid, black-painted aluminum pole
  • A separate backer head-mount with the plaque attached

This allows the customer to secure the stake into the ground before attaching the head-mount. On the back of the head-mount is a bracket that slides onto the pole once the pole is in the ground. It can then be tightened with screws.

Black plaque with butterfly on display stake

A plaque attached to a heavy-duty stake

Black display stake with plaque installed

Back view of a plaque attached to the heavy-duty stake

Closeup of black head-mount of display stake

The heavy-duty stake will arrive in two sections: the head-mount (shown here) and the pole

Closeup of top of display pole

The head-mount slides onto the top of the pole (shown here) and can then be tightened with screws

Closeup of bottom of display pole

The bottom of the pole – solid, black-painted aluminum


Custom stake colors and sizes are also available upon request. If your plaque is wider than 24 inches, you may want to consider ordering a two-stake support. Call Pella Engraving for more information.