Blue full vinyl wrap featuring fiber cable on Pella Fiber fleet vehicle

PEC custom designed, printed, and installed vehicle wraps for Pella Fiber’s telecom fleet.

Pella Fiber is ready to hit the road, thanks to custom vehicle wraps and vinyl decals and magnets from Pella Engraving & Sign Company.

The telecommunications utility is locally owned and operated by the City of Pella and will start offering high-speed internet, TV, and phone service in spring 2021. Construction of the fiber optic network began this summer, which meant it was time to brand Pella Fiber’s fleet and the contractor vehicles working on the project.

Five Pella Fiber vehicles—three vans, one SUV, and one truck—needed full vehicle wraps. Fifteen magnet decals and thirty-five regular vinyl decals were needed for the contractor vehicles. Graphic Technician Todd Richards, who specializes in digital printing and vinyl installation, and PEC Co-Owner Jarid Purvis met with Pella Fiber to develop a design for each piece.

“They had great ideas, playing off some sample pictures we showed them,” said Keetah Dodson, Pella Fiber’s customer service manager. “They also took our branding guide into consideration and worked to match colors and incorporate our icons into the designs.”

For the wraps, Todd used a program that allows him to tailor the design to the unique contours of a vehicle by inputting its make and model. Once the designs were finished, the wraps, decals, and magnets were printed on premium vinyl laminated for protection against scratches and UV rays. The wraps were also contour cut and installed by Pella Engraving.

“PEC was recommended to us by several local organizations. They have been professional and great to work with, plus the value of their product is excellent,” said Doy Ousley, the telecommunications director for the City of Pella. “All this, and we had the privilege of keeping our business local to Pella, which is very important to us.”

“Pella Engraving also provided the finished products on a tight timeline of just a few weeks,” added Keetah. “They did an excellent job responding to our needs.”