Vermeer Corporation has been a satisfied customer of Pella Engraving for many years. Each year, PEC provides award plaques for Vermeer dealers. “For several years Pella Engraving has created our years-of-service awards that we give out every December. We also worked with them on our Platinum Dealership Award which hangs in our Global Pavilion. We have been thrilled with Pella Engraving.They are always willing to get every last detail just right,” said Vermeer representative Bev Rietveld. Pella Engraving also developed a new process to meet a need for this long-standing client. Vermeer needed a better equipment ID tag. “As soon as I knew what we were looking for, I called Jeff [Vroom, PEC co-owner],” said Vermeer Distribution Development Manager Chad Vander Wilt. “He told me that while ID tags would be a new item, he was sure Pella Engraving could develop just the right product. We no longer have to keystroke in equipment IDs because PEC is able to print the tags with barcodes and a unique 17-digit VIN. These ID tags reduce our in-house labor by nearly 80 percent and lower our ID tag inventory. They also provide greater accuracy than the previous tags. We tried scratching it off with a key, and we couldn’t do it. We are pleased with the durability. “The advantages for Vermeer are great. Pella Engraving’s willingness to try something and its ability to produce a product that meets all our needs earned our business on this project!”