Sacred Engraving is a family-owned engraving studio based in Tallmadge, Ohio. When Sacred Engraving clients have a need the company cannot meet in house—for plaques with complex artwork and engraved stones, for example—Bill calls Pella Engraving Company. “I met Bruce [Van Wyk, PEC co-owner] at a trade show. I was impressed with the company’s literature and display, and also the textures and surfaces of the products. Since then, I’ve discovered that for artwork, PEC is the only game in town. “Pella Engraving is creative and flexible. They put the needs of my clients first and have a can-do attitude. A police department wanted to mount badges on a display. Pella Engraving devised a way to mount them without any damage to those badges. “For a small college in Florida originally looking for a three-dimensional bas relief, PEC executed the vision of the college with a much more affordable solution: a plaque with such detailed artwork that the three-dimensional aspect was not missed.”