Artwork adds a unique element to any plaque. At Pella Engraving, we have two options for adding artwork to a plaque: etching a drawing directly onto a piece of metal, or transferring a photo onto Metalphoto® material. Contact us to discuss which option best suits your plaque and finish choices.

Option 1: Metalphoto plaques

metalphoto-pella-engravingPella Engraving can transfer a photo provided by you onto Metalphoto material. This Metalphoto plate can be attached to a magnesium or zinc plaque.


Option 2: Etched artwork

If you would like the artwork etched directly into the metal piece ordered, Pella Engraving has a full-time artist on staff who starts from scratch with a blank piece of paper and draws portraits or buildings. There are three different types of artwork: stipple, crosshatch, and simple contour. Examples of the three different options are below. Although this option is more costly than Metalphoto, the end result is stunning.


plaque-Artwork-Stipple-pella-engravingAvailable on magnesium, zinc, and Metalphoto plaques



plaque-Artwork-Crosshatch-pella-engravingAvailable on magnesium, zinc, Metalphoto, brass, or copper plaques and laser engraved items


Simple Contour

plaque-Artwork-Contour-pella-engravingRecommended for bronze plaques and sandblasted items


Original images that you would like on your plaque can be received by mail or e-mail and can be in black and white or color. Your final product will have the best quality when created from your high-clarity artwork.