Brent Jansen and Cory Vande Kieft in white paint protection suits

Pella Engraving Company’s Brent Jansen and Cory Vande Kieft attend a training event for PEC’s new Matthews Paint System, which offers improved color selection options and offers one-coat coverage.

Pella Engraving Company recently switched to a new paint product line, the Matthews Paint System, and now PEC’s Cory Vande Kieft and Brent Jansen are certified applicators for the products. The pair recently attended a training event in Spencer, Iowa, at the Industrial Paint Solutions facility.  

PEC’s previous coatings were auto body paints that required both a basecoat and a topcoat. The new Matthews Paint System is specially formulated for signs and requires only one application, though PEC will continue to apply a topcoat to add an extra layer of protection.

At the training event, Brent and Cory learned situation-specific options, like when adding a flex agent to a paint formula would provide the best long-term performance. They also connected with sign industry experts and even met up with some customers.

Brent Jansen standing in front of red and white car hood while listening to instructor

The Matthews Paint System is specially formulated for signs and plaques.

The new paint is top-notch. “Disney Parks uses this paint system for all their signage,” said Cory Vande Kieft, who is an applicator and PEC co-owner. “The Matthews color library is online, and it coordinates with the Pantone® color system so many of our customers use for their branding.”

In conjunction with the new paint system, Pella Engraving Company will soon release new standard color options for its plaques and awards. Those new options will be shared via email and on our website.