For those in the finance industry, membership in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT)—a global, independent association of the world’s leading life insurance and financial services professionals—is an exceptional career achievement. And what better way to showcase that success than with a plaque from Pella Engraving Company?

“The Million Dollar Round Table offers plaques for members to display in their office to show they are among the best in their profession, cultivating respect from both peers and clients,” explained MDRT Client Service Manager Shawn Boothe.

Wood-mounted, shield-shaped Metalphoto MDRT plaque in wooden box

This wood-mounted Metalphoto® plaque cut into the shape of a shield honors a new member of the Million Dollar Round Table for financial and insurance professionals.

Pella Engraving makes many of the plaque styles the Million Dollar Round Table offers. When deciding on a plaque supplier, MDRT sought the same high standards it requires of its members, and the PEC team has been meeting those expectations for almost two decades.

“In addition to always being timely and courteous, the team at Pella goes above and beyond our customer service expectations,” said Shawn. “They are efficient, easily accessible, cooperative, and always looking to enhance creativity.”

In total, Pella Engraving manufactures a variety of different plaques for MDRT: the shield-shaped Metalphoto® plaque for newly qualified members and the magnesium Court of the Table, Honor Roll, Quarter Century, and Top of the Table plaques.

The highlight of this partnership is the MDRT Annual Meeting; the PEC team attends every year to continue building connections and take orders for plaques. The 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando brought record sales—an achievement for both Pella Engraving and MDRT.

“Earning a seat at the Million Dollar Round Table is a major achievement. The Pella Engraving team is proud to be part of the tradition,” said PEC Owner Bruce Van Wyk.