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Precision, Inc., celebrates expansion with new signage and displays


Precision, Inc.—parent company of Precision Pulley & Idler (PPI)—is celebrating. The Pella-based manufacturing company is a provider of high-performance conveyor products. They reached their fortieth anniversary in 2017. In 2018, they opened a new Technology Center to serve as home base for their engineers. To cap it off, Precision, Inc., has announced a diversification plan and new food division: Precision Food Innovations (PFI). PFI focuses on the manufacture of sanitary equipment for the food processing industry.

To mark this season of growth, Creative Marketing and Communications Specialist Melissa Chipps was challenged to come up with new signage and wall displays. She turned to longtime friend Tim Sadler, head of Pella Engraving Company’s Sadler Sign & Design division. Melissa and Tim worked together during the design phase, then the baton was officially handed to Tim and the PEC team. They turned Melissa’s ideas into reality in three major projects:

Headquarters Exterior Sign


The exterior sign was installed using brackets fabricated by PEC’s Sadler Sign and Design division.

First on the list was a new exterior sign for corporate headquarters. The Precision, Inc., team procured the ¼” aluminum and used their capabilities to cut out their new logo. The sign was then passed in two pieces to Pella Engraving Company. The Sadler division welded the pieces together. Then they created an installation template and manufactured brackets to install the sign into the concrete wall of the building. After the PEC team installed the sign, Gritters Electric came in and added LED backlighting so the sign can be illuminated at night.

Wall of Industries and Frosted Glass Brand Elements

In another project for corporate headquarters, the PEC team created a wall display highlighting the industries supported by PPI and PFI. High-definition color photos representing each industry were UV-printed on a thin layer of aluminum. Each aluminum tile was then attached to PVC backer pieces of different thicknesses. Brought together, the varying heights of the tiles give the display visual interest and depth. Glass panels with frosted-vinyl backing display the PPI and PFI logos and feature definitions of the terms, “manufacture” and “sanitary,” as they are used by Precision, Inc. The tiles and glass panels were installed by Tim and PEC Co-Owner Jarid Purvis in a hallway above the main lobby. Across the way, they installed frosted glass panels—also fabricated by the PEC team—that feature the corporate tagline and Precision, Inc., logo.

Wall of PPI Locations


Metalphoto® anodized aluminum panels showcase black-and-white photos of each PPI location.

For the interior of the Technology Center, PEC created another wall display, this time highlighting PPI’s four Iowa and two international manufacturing locations. Black-and-white photos were printed on five 24″ x 40″ Metalphoto® panels. This phototransfer technology permanently embeds dye into the pores of the aluminum, ensuring crisp detail and durability. Each photo panel was paired with a 24″ x 8″ plaque displaying the location name. The display was installed by Jarid and PEC team member Greg Dickenson in the main conference room of the Technology Center.


“I’ve known Tim for nearly 10 years and have always had a pleasant experience working with him and his team,” said Melissa. “They always seem excited when I bring something new to them, and they always accept the challenge of helping me bring my ideas to life. Pella Engraving Company and the Sadler division are my go-to whenever I need signage or display plaques.”

Metalphoto® workspace meets expanded customer needs

New Metalphoto and serial tag workshop at Pella Engraving Company

Almost 20 years ago, Pella Engraving Company saw the potential in Metalphoto and invested in the equipment to put this highly innovative technology to work for its customers. 

A unique process with many applications, Metalphoto requires an array of machines: developer tanks, sealing tanks, nippers, shears, and hole punchers. In recent years, demand for Metalphoto products like asset and ID tags has increased. In response, the PEC team improved its Metalphoto setup.

“We have the experience and capability to handle very large orders,” said Co-Owner Cory Vande Kieft. “With the updated workflow and the new tools we’ve integrated, our team is processing these orders even more efficiently.”

The PEC Metalphoto workshop features an open area where the nippers and hole punchers, once down the hall in the plaque-fabricating area, are installed on mobile tables. Both a new radius-corner nipper and a new shearer for cutting the metal have joined the existing equipment. One mobile table was fabricated in-house for some of this equipment, adding to the flexibility of the space.

“We worked with Medalist Manufacturing in Pella to custom build our hole punchers to run on pneumatic power,” added Cory. More shelving was also incorporated.

The combination of new equipment and a more streamlined workspace significantly increased the capacity Pella Engraving Company can offer its Metalphoto customer base. PEC is now more capable than ever of using its Metalphoto process to create high-quality, durable, and economic plaques, awards, serial tags, and more.

If you’ve got questions about a job and wonder if Metalphoto is a good option for you, contact us today!


PEC’s range of signage capabilities shines at new Pella Sports Park


The size of the Pella Sports Park pushed the boundaries for a town with a population just over 10,000, but supporters stepped up to make it possible. In August, a donor recognition wall designed by Pella Engraving Company was installed on the west wall of the complex’s concession stand and meeting room to honor organizations and individuals for their contributions.

Between the first ideas sketched on a piece of scratch paper and the first game played in April 2016 were a dozen years of hard work to earn support for the sports complex. “The wall is positioned at the pinnacle of the complex to honor the donors who made this possible in a humble and appropriate way,” said Craig Wassenar, a board member for Fields for Our Future, Inc., the non-profit that envisioned the new sports complex and worked with the City of Pella to bring it to life.

The look of the wall itself matches the feel of the complex. “We wanted something simple and high quality. We are blown away by the final product,” said Craig. “Everyone loves it.”

While the Fields for Our Future group initially thought they would need to install the plaques on an interior wall, the PEC team was able to present several material options that would be durable enough for an exterior installation that more people will be able to see. 

PEC Co-Owners Jarid Purvis and Cory Vande Kieft (pictured) led the donor wall project and installed it at the Pella Sports Park.

The donor wall’s design features plasma-cut arched aluminum lettering with a drop shadow. Two sets of letters, one black and another silver, were needed to make this effect possible. Backdrop silver-edged aluminum plates with rounded corners sit behind four large, black zinc plaques. The final layer consists of weather-resistant Metalphoto® plates etched with donor names. Major contributors are showcased with color logo plaques printed on aluminum with PEC’s flatbed UV color printer, then sealed for excellent outdoor durability.

“The wall’s design allows us to continue to add donors as the park grows,” said Craig. “The PEC team was very proactive—they led us through the process and were easy to work with as we needed to add some last-minute donors. The final product matches our vision for the park as a whole and will stand the test of time.”

PEC Co-Owners Jarid Purvis and Cory Vande Kieft led the project and completed the installation. “We are so thankful to be located in a community like Pella that is growing and has people willing to make projects like the Pella Sports Park happen,” said Jarid. “Pella Engraving Company is proud to have our work be a small part of this family-centered complex.”

“Due to the many processes and materials the project required, most of the PEC team was able to contribute, which made this project even more rewarding,” added Cory.

You can read more about Pella Engraving’s donor wall options on their website.

PEC works with Adel group on powerful Veterans Plaza monument

Custom line art by PEC artist and etcher Jarid Purvis gives the monument a meaningful touch.

“Our goal was to create something really meaningful for veterans,” said Dennis Leininger of Oakdale Pride, the community organization dedicated to preserving Adel’s historic Oakdale Cemetery. Over the past year, the group has focused on revitalizing Veterans Plaza, the area around the cemetery’s flag pole that is also the site of Adel’s annual Memorial Day ceremony.

The monument is part of a larger renovation project centered around the flag pole area of Adel’s historic Oakdale Cemetery.

With funds for a new flag pole already donated by the American Legion, members of Oakdale Pride turned their energy towards building a monument to honor America’s veterans.

“We were looking for a firm we could trust to create the plaque for the monument,” said Dennis. After contacting seven firms, Oakdale Pride chose Pella Engraving Company. “We found Pella to be the most responsive, the most open, and the most confident they could complete the project the way we had envisioned it,” explained Dennis.

Oakdale Pride’s vision for the monument was simple on the surface: a door-sized limestone slab featuring a custom plaque. In addition to the seals of each branch of the U.S. Armed Forces, the plaque would feature an image of three soldiers, covered by a superimposed American flag.

Early on, Traci Thomas of Oakdale Pride teamed up with PEC’s Janeen Eastwood to come up with a plan for turning this vision into reality. PEC artist and etcher Jarid Purvis dedicated 22 hours to creating hand-drawn line art for the plaque based on the photo provided by Traci and her Oakdale Pride Colleagues. The project posed several unique challenges, not the least of which was recreating the semi-transparent American flag. “We don’t get to do art like this very often,” said Jarid. “Janeen and I worked really closely with Traci and Oakdale Pride throughout the project, which was a real pleasure.”


Jarid dedicated 22 hours to recreating by hand this photo provided by Oakdale Pride.

Jarid and PEC Co-Owners Jeff Vroom and Cory Vande Kieft also participated in the installation of the plaque at Oakdale Cemetery.

“Pella was so committed to collaborating with us and seeing the installation through to the end, you would have thought revitalizing Veterans Plaza was their own project,” said Dennis.



What is Metalphoto®?


Metalphoto is designed to withstand corrosion, abrasion, exposure to chemicals, and many other harsh environmental conditions.

When it debuted in 1950, the Metalphoto® process revolutionized the label, plaque, sign, serial and ID tag, and nameplate-making industry. Once the technology was made public in 1958, it became an indispensable capability for companies around the world, including Pella Engraving.

Metalphoto is a specialized type of photosensitive anodized aluminum designed to stand up to hard use and harsh environmental conditions. The secret of its durability? After the aluminum is anodized, text and images are actually sealed inside the metal. Both steps ensure protection against corrosion, sunlight, temperature changes, abrasion, salt spray, and exposure to chemicals. One frequent PEC Metalphoto customer reported attempting to scratch their serial ID tags with a key to no avail. These steps also guarantee the plaque, nameplate, sign, label, or tag will remain smooth, crisp, and legible for years to come.

This amazing durability, combined with high-resolution photo and data embedding capabilities, make Metalphoto the product of choice for many manufacturers and military and government organizations, including:

  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • NASA
  • U.S. Navy
  • U.S. Army
  • Boeing

Because words and images are actually sealed inside the aluminum, Metalphoto plaques and tags will remain crisp and legible for years to come.

Pella Engraving was an early investor in Metalphoto equipment. Previous PEC Co-Owner John Vroom had the foresight to encourage his son and current Co-Owner, Jeff, to integrate the process into the company’s manufacturing capabilities. For more than 20 years, Pella Engraving has been proud to use the Metalphoto process to create highly durable ID tags, ID plates, and plaques to fit the needs of our customers.

Check out our ID and serial tag and Metalphoto plaque services to learn more about how PEC uses anodized aluminum.

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