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Take a campus tour with the help of Pella Engraving

Stadium donor nameplates
 Soccer donors sign
 Douwstra Auditorium sign
 Dedication plaques
 Heritage Plaza cutout sign

Central College features many PEC plaques and signs

When most people visit a college campus, they don’t realize how much they rely on the many signs and plaques that guide them and keep them informed. Central College in Pella, Iowa, has turned to Pella Engraving Company many times for high-quality signs and plaques. Below are just some of these projects:

Soccer and baseball stadium donor nameplates
These Metalphoto® donor nameplates were installed with rivets by Pella Engraving Company. In addition to the plates in the soccer stadium pictured here, PEC also did plates for Central’s baseball stadium—over a hundred for each stadium. The Metalphoto process embeds the dye permanently into the pores of the aluminum, helping the plates endure longer in an outdoor stadium environment.

Central Dutch soccer donors sign
To thank their donors, Central asked PEC to create this customizable zinc sign. The foundation of the sign is one 23” x 35” piece of zinc—the visible silver portions are the natural color of the metal, while the rest is painted. As more donors contribute, PEC will engrave nameplates that can be mounted on top of the remaining silver rectangles. The pillars to display the sign were specially made by Pella Engraving.

Douwstra Auditorium sign
At 6” tall, the letters in this sign create a striking impression. The ¼” thick acrylic letters were cut out on PEC’s laser engraver, then painted. Because Central wanted the paint to match the color of the lighting fixture mounted on wall above, Pella Engraving reached out to the lighting company to obtain a sample. For this job, PEC mounted the letters to the wall with adhesive. If a customer wants to mount cutout letters themselves, PEC can create a printed paper template for $15 to show where the studs should go, ensuring the proper spacing between letters.

Bronze memorial plaque
This memorial plaque for Dr. Maxine Huffman was created with bronze casting, so the raised areas have a natural, classic bronze coloring. The plaque size is 16” x 24”.

Heritage Plaza dedication plaques
Because these plaques were to be mounted on concrete, PEC created specially made square stakes welded onto metal plates. Holes could then be drilled into the plates and concrete for screws. The plaques are bronze castings.

Heritage Plaza cutout sign
This sign created for the Heritage Plaza is more complicated than it first seems—to create a shadow effect, PEC cut out two sets of aluminum letters on the plasma cutter. The top set was left silver, while the bottom set was painted black. The letters were mounted with drilled and tapped studs.

You can view more photos of Pella Engraving plaques and signs at Central College on our Facebook page.

Recognize great employees with corporate awards

Direct-Color-woodframe-pella-engravingA recent study found that 82 percent of employees said they were bothered by the lack of recognition at their job. Since dissatisfied employees are more likely to leave a company, this is a major problem for businesses—it’s crucial to the overall health and profitability of a business to hold onto good people. One way for businesses to show appreciation for employees who go above and beyond is a personalized engraved award.

Awards can help motivate employees to do their best for the company they work for, increasing loyalty and decreasing the turnover rate. Whether it’s a years-of-service award for a loyal employee or a merit award for someone who has excelled at his or her job, Pella Engraving offers a wide range of corporate award options.

Laser-Engraved-acrylic-award-pella-engravingPlaques – A custom engraved plaque can be hung on a wall, recognizing an exceptional employee for years to come. Plaques can be personalized with names, quotes, photographs, and more.

Laser engraved awards – Laser engraving can be used to create a distinguished-looking wood and acrylic award. Gold, silver, or a wide range of colors can be added to most laser-engraved products.

Sandblasted awards – For a unique and beautiful award, Pella Engraving can sandblast customized text onto a product.

sandblasted-glass-pella-engravingCall 877-549-5447 or email orders@pellaengraving.com today to learn more about what Pella Engraving can offer for corporate awards.

Calling all customers! Is this new product right for you?

aeroglide-pella-engravingPella Engraving Company is testing an expansion to its lineup of product identification tags for machinery and vehicle identification: a decal sticker. PEC currently offers anodized aluminum tags onto which it etches indelible serial numbers using Metalphoto® technology.

The decal sticker version of the product identification tag is just as durable as the aluminum version.  In fact, the U.S. military makes use of the same material. PEC uses its laser engraving process to burn the barcode and serial numbers into the decal.

The decal material offers a peel-and-stick backing that is user-friendly and ensures a low-maintenance application process. Sizing is also flexible; decals can be up to 4.5 inches tall and up to 23 inches in width.

If you are interested in ordering self-adhesive product identification decals from Pella Engraving, or want more information, call Jeff Vroom at 877-549-5447.

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